Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sorry, mommy is on leave today! Schedule for a Zero-Task Day!

I believe, as parents, we have a long list to do on a stipulated time daily. A single friend used to share with me, ” I know how important each task is done in accordance to each sequence and each designated time can be for you all”. How aptly put! At that instance, I felt something so true and at the same time feel so ever-considerate this friend of mine is. Very observant indeed!
As parents, we have a timetable to adhere to closely. Every morning, we have to get ourselves ready, get our kids ready for school or nursery, then get our work done on time, head back from work at such time and then cook(if we have the luxury of time and rare discipline!), etc…etc…if any of the task is not accomplish on time or in sequence, our whole day can be disrupted!
Even during holidays, some of us do the same thing. List of tasks to do, places to visit, etc…etc..We have the list even before the holiday starts! Day 1, day 2, day 3…and so forth. Full of itinerary of events!

But did we ever try scheduling for a Zero-Task day in our list? Ever experience the excitement and freedom having a Zero-Task day?
A day to explore, experience and experiment. A day out-of-ordinary can really makes us stay fresh, creative, free and fun once more! A day to let the kids decide what to do, where to go? Let our mind wander and creativity sets in.
Try it! You might find yourself surprised and yearning for such little changes in our daily mundane routine!
Keep the child-like spirits alive!

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