Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to make simple, easy, quick - House rules

I hate to nag my kids, but sometimes the things they do drive my crazy.  Well, I think it's time for mama to set some rule in the house.

Again, I surf the net for idea.. there are so many styles to refer, all the moms are sure creative.  Hehe!

Well, I like the instant and easy type.  So, here is mine.

This one just take me about 1 hour.


1.  1 pc of Styrofoam  1/2 inch height (or any paper board you have on hand)
2.  Some A4 paper
3.  Paper glue
4.  Printer
5.  Stretch film (yes, the one the supermarket use to wrap your vege, meat...etc)
6.  some brown paper for the back ground
7.  boarder tape ( I picked the one which have wood pattern.. so the wall art will look like as if be frame in a wooden frame)

1.  Write down your rules
2.  Key in computer using word (you can mixed the font style, it make the outcome look more interesting)
3.  Print out and start to cut and paste, just like decoupage.
4.  One the styrofoam/board, glue a layer of brown paper (whatever paper of your choice)
5.  Paste on top the (3)
6.  Wrap the boarder with tape / ribbon
7.  This is the most important, wrap the whole thing with stretch film... clean and tight.  It make the whole thing looks like nicely frame with a glass. WOW!  But it is lighter and safer too, if you have kids running WILDLY at home!

Have a nice crafty day!


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