Sunday, April 17, 2011

MeiJo? Is that a name?


Well.. for the new comer out there.. let me tell you a bit about my blog.  The name of the blog.. yes, it's a name... inspired by my two precious little girls >>> Mei Mei and JoJo.  They are the main reason I quit my job and stay at home.  They are the ones who make me aware there are so many things to do and achieve other than just being a working mom.  Yes, they inspired me..well, some times they do irritated me too.  HA!HA!

Jojo is my first daughter, she is now 7 years old.  No more a baby...she said she is a LITTLE WOMAN.  Mei Mei is 5 years old...and she is like a little mommy... always copy what I say and do!!!

Mei Mei at one year old

Jojo at 3 years old


  1. Cute Pics, following you from MBC!
    Angela I.

  2. Thks Groovybabyblog. Just visited your blog..It's WOW!

  3. your daughters are just so precious! :)


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