Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teach my kids to be thankful (Part 2)

Nowadays, most of the kids get what they want most the time.  Some even without asking.  So, sometimes the kids end up not feeling grateful or appreciate the things they received...not even sayings "thank you, mom" and I hate to see if my kids turning into such situation.

So... after Part I, now I continue my attempt to "educate & train" my kids to be more thankful for the things they have. I continue to find ways and opportunity to do this.

Last week, there was a sale in a store and I grabbed these doily with only RM0.50 each.  Same price whether the big or the small one.

Actually, I have no idea what to do with it... until TODAY!  I am going to shoot 2 birds with one stone...(a chinese sayings... a project for 2 objectives)

I also add a piece of brown paper which I write a simple Meal's Give Thanks saying on the doily.  So the kids can see it and say it before every meal.  We are a buddhist family... so, I just want something very short and simple.... the sayings is about... Thank you for Buddha blessing... Thank you for my parents... Thanks for for today's meal...Amitabha.

What do you think?  How you teach your kids to be thankful?  

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