Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teach my kids to be thankful (Part 1)

On last 13th March, I feel so emotionally sad to hear the news if Japan's earth quake and tsunami disaster.  I grief for the people who affected by this huge disaster.  I saw photos of the victims tried to pick up their life after the incident.  One of the photos of a mom holding a young baby in the camp gave such a deep impact on me.  I start to think what or how will I react if I face the same situation...

Then I seven years old Jojo approached me...I showed her and her little sister some of the clip of the disaster which I downloaded from Youtube.  I want them to know how luck we are and we should be grateful.  Well. they just went "oooh" and "ahhh" and proceed to watch their favourite TV shows.  Hmm... well, it's mom duty to teach these little one a little bit about be grateful and thankful.


Well, "Grateful" is a bit hard to explained...yes, I did tried to explained but they just give me the "??" look.  

OK, need to be more simple and straight forward... how?  I try to get some reference from the web and I found this "I'm Thankful for.." list from junepfaffdaley.com. ... 

                         This is perfect! Just need to make it more relevant to my kids surroundings.

So, here is my version for my kids... 

Yes...I left 2 blank spaces for my 2 daughters to fill in.  I want to see if they understand what mummy trying to  tell them.   I left the Thankful list on their study / play room desk.  And guess what I found the next morning?

Well... at least I know the things they thinks is important in the house!

Hmm... need to try harder...check out what I did in Part 2...hehe.. never give up!

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