Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to : Bear bobbin in minutes!

Hi, again.

It's weekend and I was busy with the house chores. I let the girls play around the house when I doing my laundry at the back. At first, I can hear the girls were laughing, giggling and running up and down...but after few minutes.. there was a long silence...and that means... they are up to "SOMETHING NOT SO GOOD" or 'SOMETHING WEIRD" or "SOMETHING MOM MUST CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY"...

So, as my "mom six sense sensor" keep on alerting me... I shout out the girls and ask them what are they been up to... I can hear them from up stair telling me they were playing dress up games.
That's ain't so bad...but I still felt not so right... I quickly finished up the laundry and check them out...they are playing with my craft materials again and the "DRESS UP" game was like this...

The girls have been using all my ribbons to wrap around they toy bears...OMG! I just reorganized those ribbon last week!!!

 I was going to shout at them when suddenly .

I quickly get my scissor and some corrugated boards and made these....

Step #1 - Cut out a 'bear' shape bobbin

Step #2 - Add some details to the 'bear'

Step #3 - "Dress up" the bear with ribbon...

The girls love them.... and my ribbons was organized and "SAFE" at last!  Now, I have to get back to my chores...

Have a nice weekend! 

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  1. This is brilliant!!! You are obviously a great mom and a genius crafter, PC! I just love your ideas and am so glad I found your blog.

  2. what a cute idea love it perfect for grown women and little girls as well come visit me at

  3. those are so sweet... smart idea!
    newest follower ( -:

  4. @maliaThanks for following me! Feeling so nice to have friends who share the same interest!

  5. Great idea. Those bears are so cute.

  6. What a cute & fun way to show ribbon! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  7. Love it! Sometimes I think I spend more time organizing my craft supplies than I do using them!


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