Sunday, May 15, 2011

Safety Corner Cushion - at Zero cost!

Hi, there.

Today I want to share with you my new invention! Zero cost Safety Corner Cushion!
Remember the Door to Table project I done earlier?  

Well, I just finished off the top with a clear glass top and it looks absolutely stunning..for me!  Earlier, I intend to get the glass shop cut out a piece of glass for the table top.. and after getting quotation from a few shops in my neighborhood... the cheapest one is price at RM65!!!...No way...I am not going to spend RM65 on my RM 0 table.  After few weeks.. just my luck.. I found some abandoned glass by the dump site... and the length of the glass is just right for the table.  

I cleaned the glass and lay it on the the table looks nice and the glass covered the pattern on the door and allow more smooth writing on it.  But one most important issue other than saving money... is the safety of the  furniture.  I found the corners of the glass are quite sharp.  

At first, I tried to put on some PVC  Child Safety Cushions... but it keep falling off and it unable to cover the 
others sharp corner of the glass which is not close to the table edges.

So, my second plan is seal all the side and corner with silicon sealer... guess I got to go out to the hardware shop again....then I came across some hang tags given to Mei Mei by my mom during her last visit (my mom own a garments shop, and some times her will collect some beautiful hang tags for me and the girls ... she knows we love to do upcycle stuffs...I LOVE YOU, MOM!) 

I folded the hang tag into half and wrapped up the corner and stick it with some glue gun.  Now, I love the table even more.... anyway, I still going seal up the rest of the glass edges with silicon sealer...always safety first!!!



  1. Pretty! I love the shape they make!

  2. @Michelle L.Thank you Michelle..always love to hear from you!

  3. This is SO clever!! Imagine all of the possibilities using other hang tags and cardstock! I too love all of the hang tags that are used on clothing and keep a box just for them! Thanks for this great idea!


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