Saturday, May 7, 2011

1 Door = 1 table + shelves

Hi!  Do you ever wonder what can you make out of an old door?  Well, there is a lot of possibilities.  For me... with my restricted tools plus a little Junkie resources I have... I made 4 joyful items out of it..

My first item is a study desk for Mei Mei room.  Remember I made the Frame Shelf? Now I need a matching table for it and by starting it with a door will make the process much quicker and cheaper too.

Yes, I DID.  I did bought back a DOOR from the renovation waste dump site!  I didn't check throughly when I took it... it look quite new.  Later, I found out there was a big "punch mark" on the other side when I turned it over during cleaning... how sad!  But this is not going to stop me!  My re purposing WILL POWER is very strong today...I'm not going to give up easily!

By using my 'wonder' D.I.Y saw... (yes, I sawed the door manually.) I removed the damage part of the door.

Then, I have a nice looooong table top..but a bit to long to fit into Mei Mei's room... so I cut it into the desire length.

Do take note that this is a hollow door... here is the 'side' view after I cut through ..

So, I seal all the edge with some scrap wood.

This is how it look like after I done...

I repainted the door and it's DONE!

I soften the edge using some leftover lace.

My material and cost : Door (free) + Paint + Lace (RM1) + Glass Top (Free from the dump site) = RM1  + Paint cost and 1 afternoon nap time! 

So, what about the others parts of it? The left over of the door panel and the poor damage part that I have cut out.... Let you know when I'm done.  Till then, Have a nice weekend!



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