Friday, May 6, 2011

Get organize with DRAWERs!

Hi!  Sorry for not updating much nowadays... it has been a very busy week for me...(a lot of HUGE projects on hands.) I done a lot of THIS and THAT but...not quite ready to reveal.. may be another couple of days just to finished them off...

Today, I'm busy housekeeping my "Work place" again.  You know, I am a JUNK COLLECTOR ( a real messy one).  How bad... this bad (see the picture below... don't faint please!!!)

This is a corner of my "Store Room" I just finished a project...and it's look very bad, I know.  I know I need to do something about it... and God must have heard my prayer last night... This morning, I saw these drawers at the Mei Mei school's recycle bin...the guy there was so kind and sold them to me for RM5!  They are in a set of 4.  My mind run wild again.... can't wait to bring them home and start another Re purposing Adventure!

I removed the front panel of, I felt even happier... the panel are made from very good quality solid wood.. this is like double bonus.  I'll keep them for later.  I have so many plans to try out with the drawers... 

Plan #1 fix on some roller and make them into a pull out under bed storage box (Image from

Plan#2 Hang them on the wall as display shelf (

Plan#3 Make them into a doll house (by

Plan#4 Hmm ...guess I should clean up the mess in my "Work Place" first.. Yes.. the incredible, so disgraceful area... so Plan# 1, 2 and 3.. have to wait... and here come temporary Plan #4..

Plan # 4 - Temporary use the drawers as a storage place for all some of my DIY's tools.   Ok!  See you again....after I finished with my on-hand project...Give you a hint... it's something about the DOOR!


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