Monday, May 16, 2011

A gift for Teacher's Day

Hi!  Just finished off all the house works and now trying to sit down and catch my breath!  It's Teacher's Day today in Malaysia.  I was planning to make so things with my girls to make into presents for their teachers few weeks earlier..but I was too busy and keep delaying the plan...and this morning...I woke up at 5am just to prepare the gifts...

I wasn't really make up my mind what to make ... so I browse through what I got on hand ... just my luck..not much stuff that is pleasant enough to "just wrapped up and go".  So, guess I have to make them..

This is not a new 'invention'... I remember I made one of these for my teachers when I was in guys might have made one yourselves..

I gather some ribbons + needles + beads + wire + a bar of soap..I am going to make a "ribbon soap basket".  Here is the finished looks.  Look familiar?  Anyway, I think this is a nice choice because it's cheap (cost of ribbon and soap), simple to made and useful too (can use as air freshener if you place it in a car).

I will share with you the tutorial later.  

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  1. BEAUTIFUL teacher's present! Looking forward to your tutorial!


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