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How to "Handmade" baby foot prints!

"There's really nothing quite as sweet as tiny little baby fee"
Do you ever regret for not keeping your new born baby's foot prints? Don't you think a baby foot print would be a very adorable thing to frame up and display in the kids room?  Well, I DO!

Here in Malaysia, it not a norm to get babies hand and foot print on their birth certificate.  You have to DIY if you want one.  And for those who in a typical Chinese family, all new mothers will stay for a month long confinement period where you supposed to lay on bed, no touching of water (never have a bath!!!), have only certain type of food.....Trust wouldn't have the 'crafty' mood to think of making a baby hand or foot print at that moment...

For me, confinement period is worse than during laboring...labor pain is most up to days...this is for one full fan, no air con, no bath, no public appearance, no fancy food....blah blah blah...I know...I's the best for the baby and me.  I don't know if moms in other non-Asian countries have this 'curfew', do share with me...I love to know!

Today I want to share a way how to have the baby foot print 'back', from your kids and by your kids too!  As simple as ONE-TWO-THREE!

One - Get some paint
Two - Get a fist from the little hands
Three - Stamp it!

Like this...

My presents from the Mei Mei and Jojo

I let them stamp their 'foot print' on the outer side of the frame
(can easily wipe off and redo if you not happy with the pattern)
The wordings are written with night glow pen,
here is how in looks like in the dark

Have fun with your kids!

Baby Feet 
Author: CroppinCarmen 

My sweet, adorable babies' feet
Why are baby feet so neat?
They're precious and new and oh so sweet,
My little ones' dear little feet.
And now I make this print of your little toes...
So in years from now we all will know
How precious and tiny one day you two were
And how proud we are that we can see 
Those little feet grow to be the best they could be!



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  1. That is so adorable. Thanks for sharing such a sweet project.

    A month of confinement? I'd go crazy LOL.

  2. Es una gran idea. Aquí , en España, se toma la huella del pié del bebé en cuanto nace, así sirve como identificación en el hospital. Besos

  3. Hey dear, how you read my mind..?? i make this 2 days back but the prints were not vivid & perfect(with my hand) so i skip this idea..its really amazing to see this post :)
    Love it..its my childhood game which we play on wet sand !!!

  4. @Mª ReyesDear Maria,thanks for drop by. Nice to know the hospitals in your country practice foot prints for identification - here they just 'tag' the babies with mommies name immediate after born. Love, PC

  5. @CREATIVE MINDYes, I always like to make this foot prints on my papa old car window screen when it get dusty! Now, I passed the fun to my girls!

  6. @MelYes..1 full month of curfew...I'm ok with most of the things but no bathing...:(!

  7. Oh, I just love this:)
    Your daughter is beautiful!

  8. perfect little crafty project! Your girls looks so happy with these cute personalized gifts.

    Confinement: wow, that's so fascinating! It's so different here, mamas take their new babies everywhere. A month confined to bed sounds incredibly difficult - but would have been much more so, B.I. (Before Internet!)

  9. Wow, I had no idea about the confinement after birth for certain cultures. Very interesting to read about! That would have to be really hard to do if you're the type of person who likes to do things. I'm having a baby in a few weeks and I can't imagine being inside for that long! But I do love these foot prints ideas. I'm going to have to do some of these after he's born!

  10. @MelThis is so true and still a strong culture here among the community...imagine I been thru TWICE!

  11. @CREATIVE MINDShare you a little 'secret' I use some thickening old white cement paint..that's why the image don't smear atoo much!

  12. @Lisa That's very true, in most Asian countries, all newly give birth mom going through a very strict diet and limited daily activities - but it really heal the mom pretty good!


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