Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mommy...I think you need some sunshine!

I started to have grey hair ever since high school.  And of course the grey increase after I have Jojo and Mei Mei.  Now, nearly 50% of my hair are grey...pretty shocking?  So, sometimes...when I have to...I dyed my hair.  Sometimes Mahogany..Sometimes Burgundy...Sometimes...Black.

The other day, I was busy washing the car at the car porch when ...

Mei Mei :  Mommy! You have gold hair! *In very shocking tone*

Jojo : *Rushing to the scene* No lah...that is brown color!

Mei Mei : Half brown and half white! *Even more higher tone*

Jojo : *Pulling me to bend down so she can see better of my hair* Mom, your hair can 'change' color!

Me : *before the whole neighborhood come and see what my girls shouting about, I better explain so the they can 'calm' down.* No...Mommy have grey hair...Mommy dyed the grey hair with brown color...

Mei Mei :  Why your hair turn grey?

Jojo : *tutoring Mei Mei again* Like plants loh....when the leaves get older... they turn yellowish and dropped dead...
Me :  *Keep silence - I think that's a very good example, feeling so proud of the 'little mom'*

Mei Mei : * Pulling my hand and dragged me to the gate..*  Come, mommy... hurry..

Me :  What you want to show me?

Mei Mei :  Come and stand here...

Me : ???

Mei Mei :  Here got a lot of sunshine.  You stand here and hair will be better!

Me: ??? *Smilling and shaking my head*

Mei Mei :  Jie Jie (Sister in Chinese) said you are like plants... you need sunshine...if not your hair will turn grey and YOU WILL dropped dead!

Me: *Speechless*.....LOL

Well, I did stand there for few minutes...because Mei Mei insist me to.  I dyed my hair the next day with henna...  So far, the girls yet to discover my new hair color! REDDISH Brown!!! Well, not really as red as the model below...




  1. Those girls are smart and thoughtful. Funny story! Will you tell Mei Mei that standing in the sun turned your hair red?

  2. @Laina @ Vibrant SerenityHaha, 20% of the moments kids are awesome and the rest are troublesome, tiresome, madsome, driving-u-nuts-some!


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