Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What we have and what we don't have in Malaysia!

Friends from other countries always like to ask me what is it like to live in Malaysia.  I was born here and after be here for 38 years +... I still unable to describe in words the life here.  Normally, I will say.."Oh! It's nice and lovely..Sunny and Windy...A lot of fruits and green veges..Friendly people and a lot of shopping spots to be...Great variety of food from spicy Indian food, Malay satay and coconut rice, to Chinese sweet n sour and kung poh chicken rice!

Hmm... or let compare in more specific manners...

No.1  In Malaysia, we don't have garage sale, Dollar store or any kind of thrifty stores...all the thrifty ones will go to "Pasar Malam"(local night market)...Tesco is the one of the best price hypermarket around here.

night market (pasar malam)
You can hunt anything eat, wear, use, see, play.....
No. 2  We don't have Spring, Summer, Autumn nor Winter.  We have Sunny, Rainy, Windy, Hotty, Dusty. , all year long!  It's consider a cool day if you have 26 or 27 degree Celsius and normally it's only happened if it's a rainy day

...and most likely to be around 30 to 34 degree Celsius.

No. 3  Most of our house don't have back yard, garage, garden..To own a landed property (if you don't inherited from your elders) is not easy and are quite expensive.  Most average income family could possibly own a landed property with very minimum land area.

Park your car in the car porch and there the little green area... this type of
property could easily cost about300K - 500K depends the area, it would take 7 - 10 years
to finish the installment for a medium income family.
No. 4  Since you see the size of the house...You could have guess the size of the living room, dining area, kitchen, master room and .... So, I am really envy to see the decor and redo in your place.  Here the space is
limiting the imagination and creativity!  

No. 5  Needless to say... bath tub in bathroom?  Errr.... most house design do not accommodate a bathtub in the bathroom...unless you don't mind hacking a wall and willing to share your room space with the bathroom.  Only luxury condominium will have bathtub and most of the time, only in the master bedroom.  To compensate this problem...we have a lot of 'nature shower's around....

No. 6  We have only little supply of berries around here.  Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries.... are consider as luxury imported fruits and can be quite expensive.  A small of of strawberry (200g) may cost up to RM7 - 10!  But we do have lots of other local fruits that are quite cheap and most of them you can find all year round!

king of the local fruit - Durian

No. 7 - One of the best thing in Malaysia is we are a multi-race community. We have Malay, Chinese, Indian,  Singh, Siamese, So, we celebrate all holidays...From New Year at 1st January, Chinese Lunar New Year, Indian Depaavali (Festival of Light), Malay - Hari Raya, Buddhist - Wesak, All Muslim's celebration, Christian - Christmas.....and the list goes on.  Any big day of other races is celebrate by all!  Yes, we have a lot of public holidays!

Races in their traditional costume

How to describe Life in Malaysia?
Not in one sentence..
Not in one day..
Not even in one month..

just follow along...

I'll try to describe

This post is too long!

Let's share later...



  1. Hello dear, i enjoy reading your posts, this is smart to read all about Malay..i have so many friends there from my blog community..well i hope you will manage all things well but you cant manage your weathers :)
    well you know we have upto 5 seasons in a year,from snowfall to hottt summer,from -4 to 44 degree..the whole year is full of fun, these days we are enjoying Monsoon season in Pakistan *(*
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. @CREATIVE MINDDear, the grass is always seems to be greener on the other side of fence...what the heck! Wow! 5 seasons in a year! You should share more about that! Always love to here from u!

  3. Thanks for this PC, it's always interesting to read about the far corners of the Earth.
    I bet all those different cuisine options can be very tempting!!! yummy!

  4. @Esther is not-quite-perfectThat is very true Esther...I only thing I ever miss when I away from Malaysia is the FOOOOOD!


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