Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 minutes + zero cost - 'Fix' a torn cushion cover!

Well, no matter how sweet and innocent my two little girls look to you...
they could be 'devils' at some times.

No?  You don't believe me?
Look what they done to my 5 years old sofa ...

I don't know how they did it...bite it? ...scratch it?
(and I have no other pet in the house...or out the house...)

I love the sofa cover very much, and since it was 5 years old since I last 
bought was hard to get the same fabric for redo.

I have been hunting high and low for a matching fabric but
nothing comes close to it's original color, pattern or fabric texture.

And the worse part is...even though I get the right fabric...
I'm not confident at all I been able to do such a fine job to
sew a new cover...the particular one that torn is a "L" shape cushion...
making  a normal 'square' one already challedge my sewing skill, I'm afraid!

Before thinking of sewing a new one...

I have tried to sew the broken yarn together with some matching thread...
and I end the cushion and the cover together!!!
And the torn looks even worse!

After weeks for 'struggling'...
(My hubby keeps reminding to get it repair before the coming Chinese New Year!)

Today...A 'beautiful' and 'desperate' idea poped into my mind when
I was tidying my hubby's old T-shirts in the living room.

Yes, old T-shirt are always so handy!

I cut the old "XL" size t-shirt from side to side at the armhole.
(Sorry, I didn't snap the photo when I was cutting...I never thought it will work that well!)
keeps the body and slipped it into the torn cushion...

Yup, I did that!
and it fit just PERFECT!!!

Not convince???

See it for yourself!

I keep the hem edge fit and close to the torn area so it would easily flipped up when sitting on it.

And I cut another one with dark red color to cover the other cushion
just want to make it as the color strips is actually a 'pattern'.

Why weird 'orange' and 'red'?
It just match with the Chinese New Year favorite color!
Warning :  This is just a temporary solution.
I still need to think of a more proper manner...
just want to 'cheat' some times...

What do you think?
Pass or Fail?

Idea to keep or discard?

In the mean time...
Shhh.... don't tell anyone ...especially my mother or my mom-in-law
what under the cover...Okay?

Gotta go...

Still lots of cleaning and housekeeping to rush
before Chinese New Year.

Have a nice week!



  1. A great cheat! Wow, that fabric is very fragile - I would not blame the girls too much, it looks like the cloth shredded because it was weak. I hope the t shirts stay in place through your New Year fun!

  2. What a brilliant idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. APROBADO!!!! por supuesto que un aprobado!!!!
    PASS, of course approved!!!!

  4. Great idea. I love this. It looks so cute. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. It runs from Tuesday night through midnight Sunday. Here is the link to the party.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  5. Forgive me but I think your two little angels were doing a great job because I love the new look of your sofa! It looks so much lively with the color stripes! Your idea is amazing, PC! :D Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wonderful idea!
    Our problem would be finding a T-shirt clean enough with no rips or tears.
    But definitely a keeper!

    I'm pinning it...thanks for showing, came here via MRL , Pat


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