Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An evening at the beach...

We went to the beach last weekend.
Our house is quite close to the beach, about 5 minutes drive.

Mei Mei and Jo Jo were shouting when our car get close to the beach.
There was a huge Panda kite welcome them on the field beside the beach!

Another fascinating kite were there too!

The girls enjoy playing and running wild!

We spotted a group of Indians ladies digging up something...

Look!  Inside their basket!  They planned to have this for their dinner!

Jo Jo tried her hand to dig up some too!  Her first 'victim'.  
There are plenty of them, Mei Mei and Jo Jo caught a handful of them...
Later, we returned them to the sea when we are leaving.

A last shoot of the beautiful sky before we head for home!


  1. I used to love flying kites! I also love the beach a lot!

    I awarded your blog the Butterfly award over at my blog. Check it out here

  2. what a beautiful day!!!
    I looooove those pictures!

    greetings from Spain,

  3. Such a funnnnn dayyyyy...waoo..hope you have a nice time!!!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun - the kites really added to the beauty of the beach! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm your newest follower here!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  5. The kites are beautiful! And I am so jealous of your beach weather... we're being hit by heavy rain for about a month now. Our break from heavy rain is cloudy skies with little rain :-/ Glad you got to enjoy your weekend :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I've never seen that kind of kite before. =)

    My FBF hop is up again, hope you can link up again this week!
    Flash Back Friday #11

  7. Thank you for your comment on my Spring Rolls,a compliment indeed. All the way from Malaysia. I saw your coin purses on Carolyn's Homework.Such a cute idea. you have wonderfully creative ideas and recipes. I can't wait to try.

  8. paylasimdaki goruntuler gercekten cok hos ::)

  9. I stumbled into your blog and found so beautiful post. The sunset seashore is so pretty. What a big harvest !
    Terrie from Hong Kong


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