Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pop-Open Little Purse - Fishy Version

Hi!  This is a very simple 2nd version of the pop purse.
(if you miss version #1 - check out the tutorial here)
Simply and easily through some help from my junkie-craft box.

First, I sew the same pattern of purse - wrap up with old white t-shirt rags.
I dug up some material I salvage from old clothes..
a large piece of pink sequins belt, some ribbons and 
'scales - sequins' - yup! I have these all on-hand
that's why I able to promise Mei Mei the fish so easily..

I have been keeping this sequins belt for quite some times 
and not sure what to do with it ( It was previously sewn onto
a piece of blouse and 'around the waist line, I remove it
because I don't think I need any focus point there..)  All the
sequins is sewn onto an elastic belt.  
So, it's quite stretchy and flexi - just nice for the fish 'body'.

I cut the sequins belt into the shape and sew it onto 
the purse...I used the small 'scales sequins as fin, some
pink ribbon for tail.  The leftover ruffle ribbon is
good for covering the top fin area because the
width of the pink sequins belt is not sufficient to cover the whole thing.

Yesterday, JoJo request me to add in another 'member'
into the collection...

HaHa!  This pop purse is really popping the girls imagination!

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  1. This is so cute, i love the sequins style..fish is now having a perfect look!!

  2. @CREATIVE MINDDear Khadija, thanks! I am working on something inspired by you... hopefully I can get it done and share with you soon!

  3. I love the little fishy! You really need to sell those!

  4. @Terri @ A Creative PrincessHa! Ha! NOt for sell, but thinking of how to send them to dear friend like you...

  5. Hi Meijo. This is just the cutest thing! I have this one on my to do list now and want to make one for my Granddaughter for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing it. You made a great tutorial. Mei Mei is just precious.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. That is so beyond adorable! I love it! The sequins really do look like scales. You did a great job on it! :-)

  7. Cutest thing EVER!!!! I HAVE to make one of those for my granddaughters! THANK YOU for the tutorial!

  8. adorable! can't believe you made it with items you already had! What a precious treasure for your daughter! Thank you for linking up to WWWW! I'm featuring your awesomeness today!

  9. Super cute! I definitela have to make one! Thank u for sharing


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