Wednesday, December 28, 2011

World Creative Blog hop (26) and blog interview with Creative Mind

Happy Wednesday...and welcome to another Creating Success Around the World blog interview - Every Wednesday our host from Europe, Australia, North America and me from Asia will be  features bloggers around the world, asking them a few questions about their experiences of the blogosphere so that we can all get to know a little bit more about their craft and their success stories.  
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This will be my last blog interview for Creating Success Around The World...Don't worry this is not the end of the World blog hop... next week there will be another new Asia host who will feature great blogger from another corner of Asia.  Do follow Jill blog and be inspired by creative bloggers around the world.

This special blogger I'm going to feature today... is a very special blog friend of mine.   Even though I don't know her personally but I can tell you that she is definitely a talented person like the name of her blog - Creative Mind from Pakistan!

Henna hand drawing is nothing new to me ... it a very common among the Malay an Indian especially for wedding.... and I'm a big fan of this traditional arts... I've seen so many type of henna design but the one by Creative Mind caught my heart deeply... and that's how I come to know about this little creative mind girl.
Check out the interview to know more about her....

Henna Designs

1-Tell us a little bit of yourself

I am Khadija Kiran, a young Muslim girl, living in the capital of Pakistan,Islamabad
I am mostly Known as Kiran in family & friends but i like my name Khadija so i choose this for Internet..(my friends always search me on social networks by typing Kiran but I am so clever :) nobody can search(access) me..hahaha..

Well I am a student of university & doing my post graduation in Education subject, hopefully I will be a teacher in future(although I am not having a temperament & patience as a Teacher)

Its the end of my 3rd semester & 4th will be the exams are also near (a sad thing..huh)

I am youngest family member at home, a very childish,friendly, extraordinary caring & a little moody baby at home..hehe..but Really! 

2-When-How-Why I blog?

I start this blog one day suddenly, i was not sure about the ABC of blogging but i want to share my Textile designing projects online so I start blogging.

3-What do you create?

Yes I create things but a little, i mostly recycle & reuse things, Jewelry making is one of my favorite thing to do, I like spreading my Jewelry techniques with others at my blog!
my whole blog is like my personal diary, I share things with Love & care, for my friends & I think my posts always enjoyable for my readers! (i am a funny person too,,but only when i am a bit free from studies..otherwise I am SERIOUS with my studies :)

4-Do you sell your creation ... How?

I only sell my henna designs & patterns till now, I want to sell my crafts & if somebody want to buy anything, you can always contact me at kkcreativemind@hotmail(dot)com
I hope you will enjoy my creations :)

5-What motivate and inspired you to blog and create?

I think about stop this blogging activity several times because during exams its hard to manage studies & blogging, sometimes i take break from blogging too but when i read others comments even on my previous & older posts too So then i feel good & this is a motivation for me..

6-What is your most proud creation?

I mostly like my Embroidery & silk paint projects but my henna designs are also interesting!
7-What is your most popular post/ creation?

My jewelry making posts & Henna lanterns are always interesting for my readers! I love when people write me e-mails for appreciation,although they can write me comment but my readers are so loving!

8-What are some future plans your will be doing?

I haven't planned anything properly about my future till now! My studies are always having priority then other things,but i am also searching an online job according to textile & fashion design, because i am having this degree so hopefully i will work something according to my taste & hobby!


P/s :I am very happy to be here at Meijo's Joy, PC is a very sweet friend of mine, Its always cool to see PC's cool creations & I love her blog! I hope Pc's readers will enjoy my interview(although i am not good in writing these things, thats why i avoid mostly, but today i am writing so excuse me if you will find anything weird :)
                                                                    Lots of Love for Meijo's Joy Readers!   

Happy blogging!  
Love - 
Khadija Kiran

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  1. Yay! Two great bloggers in one place - so nice to read Kiran's interview here. This has put me in a very good mood!

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  3. hmmm..Nice to be here :) so sweet of you my friend..thanks for the blog hop,I am entering!
    All the best for New Year!

  4. I love your henna designs! they are beautiful! keep up the good work, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


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