Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crafts for a cause...

Hi! I'm so so excited to share with you that I have been invited to sponsor some goods for Mei Mei school charity night.  I love to craft and try new projects...and this is my best chance - to crafts and to do charity at the same time.  There are so many stuffs I want to make, I wish I can make all the projects I pinned in my Pinterest boards...Oh dear, can you feel how excited I am?  All the sales will be donate to the charity fund for the needy and make this coming Chinese New Year a bit easier and joyful for them.

These are some of the little 'flower's I made ... I'm going to fix them onto small hair pin and clips for hair accessories.  I've seen the tutorial in Pinterest but sometimes seeing and doing is totally different thing - why the tutorial looks so easy ...Grrrrr...but this is not going to stop me!  Check out my first 'product' - Kanzashi Fabric Flower ...I picked this one because it's such a nice style to match with little girls Chinese New Year outfit...

This is my second product - "Puffy flower"
This one I use the top...

The second one I used the bottom where I tied the fabric...What do you think?

The puffy flowers are so easy to made...I made dozen of them
extra for Mei Mei and JoJo!

These are for my little sister...she have a dinner to attend during
the Chinese New Year holiday...and I made her these
to go with her purple red evening wear!

I'll share the tutorial for the flower later...
See you...
Now, I'm going back to 'business'!
Wish me luck for the sale!

I'll be selling these flower online too...
let me know if you would like to have any of them!



  1. sooo cute.. I love the fluffy/foamy flower, Do share the tutorial & wish you lots of good luck for the sale ~
    Enjoy ~

  2. Oh they are lovely. Where are you selling them?

  3. All so beautiful, charming and neat! I agree with Khadija - how do you make the puffy flowers? I love them! Wishing you and Mei Mei's school lots of luck for the sale!

  4. ALl beautiful but I especially like the puffy flowers! I'd love to see the tutorial for those too!!
    Good luck selling!!

  5. You are so talented!
    Please stop by and share this at:

  6. what a meaningful way to spend chinese new year !

  7. I love all the fabrics you used in making your flowers. Just beautiful!!!


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