Monday, January 30, 2012

Easy Puffy Flower - Tutorial

The tutorial for the Puffy flower as I promise earlier.

Material : 
Leftover fabric... (stretchable one would be better)
Needle and thread (don't worry...very simple and easy)
some beads for decoration

Step #1

Cut a 2.5 wide circle...your flower will be half the size of the circle

Keep some allowance for sewing (2/8 inch)

Sew along the line

Sew until the ends meet

Pull the thread until it form into a 'pouch'.

Stuff in some cotton

Now pull the end of the thread and close the opening

Secure with a few stitches

Now, you have a small 'dumpling'

Now, pin the needle through the 'dumpling' from the back to the front...

Repeat this step twice, so you have create a loop around the 'dumpling'

Pull the loop tight so you be able to form a deep line on the 'dumpling'

Continue making this process and you will see a flower pattern is formed

I hope you get what I mean... it's actually very simple...
I hope my poor explanation did not confused you! LOL!

You may add some beads on the top

It's a very simple project
and I hope you will try this!

Have a nice day...
Now... excuse me...
the girls and I have some fire crackers to light!

Love you all
Mei Mei 

I'm so honor...

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  1. This is so beautiful..Thanks for sharing tutorial..Awesome!

  2. Love these!!! Thanks for the super clear, beautifully photographed tutorial, PC. Now I'm going to call them PC's dumpling flowers when I make them.

    Happy New Year to my 3 girls!

  3. So cute and simple! I love it! I'm bookmarking this tutorial for sure.

  4. I had been waiting for this tutorial! Thanks for posting, I shared it on my new born blog too:) Will try them soon!

  5. These flowers are so pretty! Thanks for sharing at my party :)

  6. Nice kids had a great time playing with fireworks too...

  7. Super cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to link up your project!

  8. These are so pretty,and you did a fine job of showing us how to make these sweet little flowers. Thank you.


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