Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Excuse me...may I have that trash?

My sister in law passed me some paper material and old clothes to send to the recycle center...All the 'trash' are packed nicely...and this non woven bag is to 'giveaway' too!

 As always...my sister in law knows...I love 'trash'... she politely hints me...I may 'keep' any of those 'giveways' if I found them 'useful'.  Yup, you bet I did!  This old non woven bag caught my attention...Can you see what I see?  Well, as the saying 'beauty in the eye of beholders'...The texture of the dark brown part looks so 'pretty' to me... Come see closer...

So, immediately ...I 'Cut n Keep' them...

Since the size of the material is not very big, so I used to wrap up
some black hair clips I bought for Jojo.
And this is how...Don't worry...absolutely easy and no messy!
At first, I trace the shape of the hair clip and cut out the material...
I love this non woven material so much..easy to cut and no fraying, 
can be handle just like a felt material....but this is $0!!!

Remember to cut a small opening for the clip at the back
and insert it before you start to stitch the side
Keep about 1/8" seam allowance

I apply plain blanket stitch around the open edge

This is how it looks like at the edge
I used pink thread so you can see clearly in the photo...
For the actual piece I made for Jojo, I used the same dark brown thread.

The good thing about wrapping the hair clip up is now 
you can easily embellish it by gluing, sewing, painting.....etc.

Now, how should I embellish this one for Jojo...
Buttons?  Ribbon? Pom Pom? Beads?

Let's try something different...

Sorry, this is my very first attemp to hand-stitch word.( I know it looks bad!)
Why the trouble? 
Because that's how I want Jojo to be...
"Happy" when she saw this and wear it!


Have a Happy day!
Because it's your choice to be happy today!

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  1. wow, this is marvellous. love your idea!

  2. As always lovely idea and application! Have a lovely day!

  3. Great tutorial! You know I love using trash, and this is a great upcycle. That material is STRONG, I have several of those bags...now you have me thinking! And I really like the contrasting thread version, that's extra pretty.

    Love your embroidered word - it looks wonderful! (When you wrote "It looks bad," I wondered what on earth you meant!)

  4. You are very clever dear, its a good tutorial, reuse & recycling is always awesome job to do :)
    so keep doing !!

  5. What a cute embelishment for the hair clip!! And you are so right that it is our choice to be happy!!! Loved this post!!!!

  6. This is a good concept of reusing a Nonwovens fabrics which are of no use.


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