Monday, April 16, 2012

Another fun recycle.... Silly googly eyes...Guess how I made them...

Yay! The girls and I have so much fun this morning...with some 'trash' turn into 'FUN'.

The 'trash' was actually these...

Oh...No!  Don't get me wrong....we are not 'playing' with
the pills... that's is very dangerous...

We are interested only in the PACKING!!???

Yup...We turn them into these...

Yes, I know... googly eyes are quite cheap in store
BUT..... I have a very good reason...

BUT ... You will never find googly eyes like these below...

Oval shape googly eyes.... "In Love" googly eyes...

Big yellow eyes with sequins...

"Beanie" googly eyes!!!

Now.... are those some interesting looking eyes???

And they are pretty easy to make too!

Follow me for the tutorial...

First, you need to empty the blister, remove the pills
(remember not to flush the old pills into toilet bowl
it would cause serious pollution!!! check here on how to dispose them)

Make sure you clean the blister too, so that there would be
any medicine residue in it.

Next, you cut the little round tray into circle or whatever shape you prefer...

 Make some small black round piece for the eyes...I use a hole puncher!

 Apply some glue around the tray like this

Glue the tray onto a piece of paper or cardboard have your easy peasy, zero cost, recycled GOOGLY EYES!!!

Want to know... Why I said we have so much fun this morning....
See.... What the girls did with the eyes!!!

An owl

Prince Frog

a Love sick boy

An evil blue monster

A pink bunny

This is Mommy when the girls didn't clean up the mess afterward!

Recycle it such a fun thing to do...
Especially when you combine it with crafts and kids!!!

Love you and thanks for stop by!

Have a funny silly day!

PC * Mei Mei *  Jojo

Thank you...
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  1. How cute Meijos! I will try. I used the blister pack pill to create a collectionnist Christmas Decoration if you would like to see it and try it with your daughters:
    Have a wonderful day! Kisses

  2. Those are fabulous, PC! I love them all, especially the frog...and Mad Mommy! So much imagination at work here - I think your house must be the most creative place in Penang.

  3. Love the whole concept of this, great use of "throw a ways" Very creative!

  4. Your googly eyes are genius! and the pics you made with them are really cute! Must try this!!

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  6. cute and original!! Was wondering whether you would like to be featured on Greeny Crafters on Green Issues. Pls drop me an email


  7. Wow, this is such a great idea. Please come back to Dare to Share and link this great idea up! I am sure my daughter Kara would love to make her own google eyes.


  8. I LOVE this! Have you seen the googly eyes song on Youtube? I think I'll follow you now, LOL.

  9. too cute! :) Love the possibilities!

  10. Now this one is what I've been looking for. Would be giving you credits on the way how you deliver this great insight. Such an interesting story. smoke spice


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