Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I still recall the Tsunami that's happened in Penang in 2004.
It's was in 26th December... A day after Christmas.
About 52 life were taken away...
this included both parents of one of my colleague.

Many many more in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar...

About an hour ago, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre have lifts
Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore off its Tsunami watch list!

But...I will keep on praying...
for all the nations that border the Indian Ocean.

Here are some photo taken in Penang this afternoon after
the first after shock

People in shopping mall run out when felt the after shock

Today, all shopping mall declared early close down
Well, better be safe than sorry!

Pray for all



  1. So relieve nothing happened !

  2. Oh my dear, Everybody is in my prayers..I have faced an earthquake of 8.1 in 2005 which was bloody..I can understand very well the fear of aftershocks & everything..I wish everyone stay safe..
    Take care!

  3. Scary times indeed PC. I was relieved to get up this morning and check the news to find all was ok.

  4. I will pray about this too. Stay safe!


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