Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are you still following?

Sorry, I've been 'missing' for a while...
I wonder if you guys still following MeiJo's Joy?

Life's is busy here...
but the worst thing is
the weather...


I wish I have a big tub of ice to sit into  for the whole day!
I've tons for pending projects and WIPs
but just can't seem to have the mood to get into it

Now, my dear blog friends...
Help me to decide my next to do project...

#1.  Another T-shirt revamp project?

In this weather...I think I will never wear any T-shirts again...
I feel so 'hot' just looking at the sleeve and the small neckline!!!

#2.  Something for Father' Day?

Oh dear, the girls and I've yet figure out how to 'please' daddy for this special day!

#3.  Trash to treasure?

My 'trash' bin is so full these day....
Should send them straight to the recycle center ?
or...use them for another 'repurpose' project?

Comments, recommendations, critics, motivations
are highly appreciated!

Now, please excuse me...
I need to take another bath...
for the third time today...
Now...it's just 2.45pm afternoon....

My hair is started to burn!!!



(lot of sweat!)



  1. Hot? How hot? Poor PC! I was recently in Tucson Arizona, and it was 108 F (42 C) and very dry. I liked it! But I had to hide from the sun and be very careful to protect my little dog. The shops in Tucson allow dogs inside, because it's too dangerous to leave them in a parked car. So Bailey got many trips to go shopping with me - he rode in a shopping cart and got lots of attention. Just trying to say something positive about hot weather! You sound pretty miserable, and I hope you get a little relief soon.

    I vote for a trash-to-treasure project, please!

  2. I'm still here! and I love your trash to treasure projects so I'm hoping to see more of those :)

    We get very, very hot weather too, and then very, very wet. As a result, people get sick :-/ Andrea was sick a few days ago, and just when she got better, I got sick. Oh well...

    I hope you get a blast of cool wind in your area soon :)


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