Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top Sites Your Should Submit Your Awesome Projects to ...(and gain all the attention, fan and followers you deserved)

When I first involved in blogging.  I starts to share my crafts and projects in linky parties.  I did earn a lot of followers and receiving a lot of heart warming comments from joining the parties.  Then, I created a Facebook fan page for those who don't blog often, so they can comment and follow my blog easily.  Slowly, my blog traffic increase.

Getting featured in linky parties do help a lot in my blog exposure but it don't happened always and to get spotted among hundreds of projects...the chances is quite low, regardless how great the project is.

During my first year of blogging, my daily blog page views is about 300 ~ 500. My blog very first page view "great hike" is last August 2011.  That when my 'Sequin Sunburst Mirror" get featured in "Dollar Store Craft".  The daily view hit thousand for the first time and the total August pageviews are 25K, and my followers group multiplied over night.  It may be a small figure for you, but a 'mega' step for the first year MeiJo's Joy!  I owe this to a very thoughtful blog's friend - Mich of Mich L. in L.A.

Then only I realized, the second option to increase my blog exposure and gain more traffics into my newly build blog is to submit my project to a site.  Result?  ...for example...I have not post since last 10 days...but my recent pageviews is still quite high at about 3000~ 4000 daily.  And the total pageviews  for MeiJo's Joy in May is 180, 772.

Thanks to the sites I stated below...
These sites are not in any particular orders...I love them all the same.  Click on the name, it will bring you to the site's project submission page.

2.  Craftgossip   Really hungry for your sewing projects!

3.  Fun Family Crafts Submit easy n fun kids crafts here!

4.  RoadKill Rescue  Submit your trash to treasure here!

5.  How Does She

6.  Poppy Talk Handmade Market

7.  I Share Craft - They publish ALL submissions!

8.  One Pretty Thing

9.  Totally Tutorials  - Submit your projects in early of the month!

10. Craft : (Craftzine)

11.  Ucreate

12.  Makoodle

13.  Craftgawker  - I know they have high standard on the photo...but it really worth it.

14.  Craftsy

15.  Decor 2 adore {able}

16.  Craftbits

17.  Cuteable

18.  Craft Roulette - just click on the "Add an idea" tab

19.  Busymitts

20.  Free Needle 

Hope this help.  If you have any awesome site which accept blog post submission, please put in the comment column.  I will keep update the list above.

Last words....I don't really blog for traffics...but I'm easily over excited with sweet comment!  That's why I keep blogging!


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  1. Thanks for the links, PC. Here's one more...
    Freeneedle ~ http://www.freeneedle.com/

  2. Thanks for sharing this list PC! There's some I haven't heard of or submitted my stuff to yet so I'll certainly give those a try!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing PC! 300 - 500 a day is a big number to me! :-p

  4. Ah, a wonderful list - you are a go-getter, my friend! I should take your advice and do some of this. (Usually I am lazy and don't try very hard.) I'm so EXTREMELY happy that the world appreciates you and your amazing blog - I am so proud that I was one of your first followers.

  5. Hiya PC

    Great list! Here's a few more:




    & a couple of collaborative-blogs to join & upload your own posts to:



  6. Wow! Great post. It's really helpful. I have had some random "mega sites" post my work by just finding it on their own, and I've seen my numbers swell. I really didn't know that I could submit my work to them. Thank you so much for getting this information out there. I plan on pursuing this. Jodi @ www.meaningfulmama.com

  7. cool list ! I should work harder on my blog...
    or not ! xD


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