Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you know Endal? You should read this...

I came across an article through facebook...
about a dog who knows how to use ATM machine!

My first impression is...
Oh!  Another 'fake' news...

So, to proof that...I key in "Endal" in Google search...

and the result...
I'm so sorry, Endal.

You are 100% genuine...
and absolutely amazing.

Endal is one of the few
precious thing that God send to the world
and show us ...

What is CAN
What is LOVE

These are the details about Endal...

1.  Suffered from birth the lifelong debilitating joint condition osteochodrosis in both of  his front legs.   However, he overcome this by undergo specialize diet and controlled exercise!

2.  Able to respond to over one hundred instructions and sign commands.  Endal also able to operate buttons and switches, load and empty washing machine.  He was able to put a card into a cash machine,
retrieve the card when the process was complete...and return the card to a wallet!

read more about Endal here

Photo: Endal was a Labrador retriever. His owner suffered from serious head injuries resulting in 50% memory loss, being unable to speak, and had trouble seeing things. This brave dog pulled his disabled owner into recovery position after he was struck unconscious, covered him with a blanket, retrieved his cellphone and pushed it against his face, and left his owner to get help when he had regained consciousness. Endal learned how to use ATM's as well as Chip and pin machines, as well as helping out with the shopping, opening train doors, operating lifts, unloading the washing machine and more typical doggie skills like getting the paper.

I've read about a dog name "Faith", and now Endal.

These are the best moral story I like to share with my girls,

and I want them to remember "Faith" and "Endal",

and learn from them.

Thanks, Endal.
I learn a BIG lesson today!



  1. That beautiful pup is an inspiration - and imagine seeing him do all these things in person. I would wonder what was happening - it would be weird and funny. Thanks for spotting this lovely little one, PC!

  2. How wonderful...Thank you for this story PC...these babies do so much for us...if only, we as humans, could also be around for them and help them when they need us so bad....


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