Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 minutes DIY - Hello Kitty Sunglass

Hi!  I'm back again...
The weather is still very bad...
and the haze is still hanging there...

Luckily, there was a 15 minutes heavy down pour this morning...
so, the air is cleared a bit...

Well, as long as it didn't get any worse...
it's still something to be grateful for, right?

So, in order to 'fight' the hot weather...
I make something 'cool' for Mei Mei...
(Thanks for reminding me about 'cool' Mich!)

This project is inspired by Khadijah from Creative Mind,
her DIY Bling-Bling Spectacle Project is simple but so fun and stylish too!

This is the BEFORE

It's a simple plain kid's sun glass

I bought it at RM1.50 (USD 0.50) from a local shop.
with UV protection!!! Seriously?

Anyway, I like it...
I thought about adding some rhinestones and 
washi tapes at the beginning...

I change my mind...

That is so not 'Mei Mei'


I grabbed some faux leather leftover...
(Thanks to my sis who so kind to collect them from a car's cushion store!)

And cut them into these...

I got the big rhinestone from one of Mei Mei broken hair pin.

I glue the pink leathers and the rhinestone together
to form a bow.

And the little black strips things were glue to the sides
of the sun glass.

The result...
I love it!

Hot sun?  Here we come!

Have a nice 'cool' day!



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  1. That is so funny! And chic and stylish, too! I know Mei Mei looks like the cutest kitten in those. Sorry you are still cooking in heat over there - maybe you should invent something to wear that holds a little ice pack. I challenge you to do it!

  2. What a lovely project! I don't think there is a girl who would not fall in love with these!!

  3. So cute! I have a Hello Kitty lover in my house who I am sure would love these.

  4. Well done cute it is,there are many other ideas to personalize any sunglasses with a special the :)I really enjoy your post :) and thanks for mentioning me in your sweet words..
    Love ~

  5. How adorable! I love the way the sunglasses turned out!

  6. Very cute idea. My daughter loves Hello Kitty.

  7. Hey, loving the new look on your blog, and I know someone who would LOVE these sunglasses, so I'm going to give the tutorial a try. Trusting you are well? Still haven't bought tickets...looking like I won't have the money to do it when I want to (February) but I'm not giving up! Even if I have to go later in the year, am determined to make it to Penang again!
    Missing honest, the sunglasses are for you and not for the girls at all, no? ;) XX Nat


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