Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Super Cute Anime you and your girls should not miss!

Sorry for such a long silence.... but I've been...pretty...busy...lazy!
Forgive my absent...but I've a very good reason...
The girls and I got 'hooked' by something else other than craft projects...

It all started some days ago when I accidental found a anime series in Youtube

yumeiro patissiere

Hard to believe... huh?  I don't believe it either,
I have always able to avoid myself from watching long series...
I hate the idea of wasting all the time in front of the TV.

I prefer my girls to 'work' with their hands and mind,
or 'run, be silly and sweats or mess'...rather that stuck on the sofa!

But ... this anime... it really really worth it!
I absolutely "APPROVED" and strongly suggested to all ...


#1  It has quite a motivation plot which told a story about a young girl
with great passion with dessert and her journey to achieve a great patissiere
with one bake a dessert that may pleased everyone heart!

#2 A very friendly and easy to understand plot.  Very suitable to young children.
(And for mom too...especially those to love to make and bake!)

#3 Very detail about the dessert and how to make, what ingredient use...
can really make you want to rush into the kitchen and try new way
of making dessert and cakes!

# 4Teach the value of friendship and and love. (There is a little bit
of romance but no kissing scene...100% safe!)

#5 And all the character all so cute and funny too!

#6 Since the version we watch is in japanese (with english subtitle)... so. Jojo and Mei Mei 
is starting to catch up the language as well! Bonus!

Please give us another week...We promise to return with more fun, easy and cheap projects!

Love Love Love

Sayonara for now!

PC * Jojo * Mei Mei

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