Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy 'A' to'C'...just learn how to wear your bra!!!

This is not my usual 'craft' topic...
but a quick tip to shape up...
too good not to share this tip!

Actually, I never really bother about my 'cup size'
(it's too 'tiny' to be noticed...even myself!  If you want to know...
I'll classified myself as ...super 'A' group!!!)

When I was young... this size seems 'convenient' and 'suitable' for
my skinny body... or may I least 'they' look 'balance'!

But...when aged and my body starts to'wider'...'chubby'?
I think I need to 'upgrade' them just a little bit!

But...the problem is...

#1  I hate and doubt about medication...
#2  I'm too busy... and lazy for exercise...unless you can recommend me something 
quick and effortless
(Yes... it's only I have a fairy god mother by my side!)

#3 Diet?... 'They' are the first part to get 'smaller'
#4 Super push up bra...Yes, I have some of those...
I look good....or...acceptable on the first 'wear' 
(about close to 'B'...better if I 'tuck' in my tummy!!!
and hold my breath... but my eyes... keep 'popping' out...
like the 'squirrel' in the anime in Ice Age movies

but after few washes....

Ok!  Ok! I get it....
Stop blah...blah...blah....
(You click on this post because you need to have
your 'cup' upgrade ASAP as you have a dinner wear hanging on your closet
and you really need your 'cup' to 'stand out' tonight!!!

Now... The solution!
Just learn the right way to wear your current bra!

Check out the tutorial in the video below...
( Yes... it's slow to download...but I guarantee you...It REALLY worth watching!!!
Don't worry...this is not an would link you to some 'endless' product review or whatever!!!
(the tutorial is in foreign language...but you will able to figure it out with the actions seen)

#1  A bra with under wire
with push up pad

# 2Bend down and tuck in all your 'properties' before hooked the bra.

# 3Don't forget to push in the 'side flabs' into the cups

# 4 Adjust the bra strap to secure and lift up the 'properties'.

#5  Watch the hand movement in shaping the both sides.  What a magic touch!

Before and After really works for me!
Super easy and low effort!

Hope this tip helps you too!


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  1. I can't wait to take all my chubbies and scoop them into my bra!!! :D I am currently a full DD... I would hate to see what they would become! Still, it is amazing the difference. :)

    W. :)

  2. I think I need another pair of hands. ;D
    But I'm going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are so funny! I laughed at all the photos you chose. And now I will forever use the phrase 'my properties.' Fortunately I do not have to pay property taxes on them.

  4. Dear PC... you never fail to lift up my spirits. I visited your blog today because I was feeling a little down and I need some craft inspiration and I know you always have the best ideas. And then I saw this post. Love your humour! :)


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