Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kids craft - beaded bongsai tree

The Chinese New Year is getting close...
(This year...CNY falls on 10th of Feb 2013)

I'm busy cleaning and clearing the house.

Jojo and Mei Mei are sort of free...
They are running  and playing around the house when I WAS HOUSEKEEPING!!!

and this make me SICK!

So, when I found some packs of old beads...and strays of craft wire...
I remember a nice DIY I saw in the Pinterest...

(Check out the link for the detail step by step DIY.)

I think this is beautiful piece of arts.

So, I took a piece of rock and tie up the wire...and pass it to the girls...

This is what they accomplished after I finished cleaning the first and second floor...
(about an hour ....)

I don't want a tall I bend a bit at the bottom to make it 'bongsai' like.

Jojo and Mei Mei are so proud of their 'creation'
The best 'product' their did in 2013 so far...
They hold the tree in hands and waited their father at the car porch at the evening...

Can't wait to show off...

Thanks for drop by.

Love and cheers always!

Stay cool and blog on.


Mei Mei




  1. Oh my goodness PC - that tree is amazing!! Your girls should be very proud of their creation - I'm off to check out the DIY link now and plan to try this with my girls too!


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