Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bento challenge week 2 Thursday & Friday

Hi!  It's easy to start on something...but it could be hard to 'continue'...
Making bento every school days...is not easy...
To all the moms who prepared lunch for your kids to school everyday...
I give you all....all the stars I see from the sky!!!
You all are THE GREATES!!!!

So here comes what I did for the last two days of last week...

For Thursday
Tuna in mayos on potato chips!
Yes, I actual 'pack' chips for the kids!!!
with some rice balls and panda biscuits.

Meijo's ratings - 4 stars
Comments :"More chips..more chips...but without toppings will be best!!!"

For Friday
A little initiative to cook today
I make some fried noodles and egg rolls.
And extra tomato sauce.
With a mini custard cake and mango puddings.

Meijo's rating : 5 stars
Comments :  "Everything is just yummy and right!  Make this again next time"

Yesssss.... a good comments to end the week.

Nothing can make me happier.
but I'm try not to repeat the same menu...
Hmmm....I guess I have another 'idea' coming for next week.



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