Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheap and useful bento's tools to make your lunch box "WOW"

Thanks for coming by again...

After a week of 'struggling' with my kids' school bento (packed lunch)...
with no so 'consistent' performance...

This week, I started to get 'more prepared'.

I buy some 'tools' to make the bento look more fun and joyful to eat.

Bento 's tools #1

A pack of cookies cutter of various shapes.
Pack of 10 pieces for RM2.40 from local mini market.

Bento's tools # 2
Cute washi tapes and your kids favarite character's sticker

This is not about the food in the bento...
but washi tape is a fun n easy way to make your kids look forward
for they meal even before seeing the content!

Mei Mei love 'Hello Kitty'...but a genuine 'Hello Kitty' bento box
can be VERY COSTLY...and it may not come in the size we need.

Bento's tools # 3

Cute fruit pick (fork pick)
A pack of 12 pieces for RM2.40 from Mr. DIY

Bento's tools # 4

Small containers to keep small biscuit or candies.
and can fit into the lunchbox.
4 pieces in a set for RM2.50 also from Mr. DIY.

Bento's tools # 5

Small pudding mould
only RM 0.80 from local grocery stall
I choose green color to make the food in bento look more fresh and greeny.

Bento's tool #6

Bento box!

I didn't buy bento box for Mei Mei and Jojo.
Infact, I already have quite a lot of food containers in my shelves...

Where they came from?

I don't know about other guy...

But...whenever I ask my hubby to get me something from the grocery...
like tooth paste..soaps...cookies...cooking oil...etc..

He always purchased the ones that come with free gifts!!!

And most of them are food containers...of course..
there are also mugs...bowls...small towels...(one slap on my forehead!)

Sometimes, he even bought more than I ask for...because the free gifts come
in multi colors or versions...(another one slap on my forehead!)

See you again...
I'll be posting my 'this week bentos ratings' soon.



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  1. Using the green pudding mold is so clever! Your washi-taped and sticker-decorated bentos are just as cute as any fancy store bought box.


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