Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bento challenge...week #2- Monday

This bento's thing is really add some pressure into my daily routines.
I never know preparing bento will occupied so much time and most of all ... the 'brain work'.

I don't mean the preparing time (cooking time)...
What I mean is the time it take to figure out what to prepare for the next day!!!
Oh my!... This is hard.

I did try to look through the bento ideas from Google image bank...
but...they all... all...are so cute...especially those in bear shapes...
but NOT REALISTIC for me!
You must be kidding me...There are REAL moms that 
REALLY prepare these type of bento for their kids!!!!!!

I think I need to attend a SPECIAL CLASS even about
making the bear 'EYES' 'EARS'......

Ok...let's come back to the REAL world.
Evey morning, I prepare breakfast for the kids...
and after breakfast I started to prepare lunch...
and now after prepare lunch...I need to prepare 'bento' for them to bring to school...
which is after lunch...

I don't want to spend my whole morning in the kitchen!!!
I need a fast and easy..yet healthy and 'acceptable' 'proper' bento!!!

So... this is what I did for today.
It's a simple and light one because today the school ends earlier
they will just a short tea break

content :  A cup of yogurt, a pack of tomato stick and a peanut butter sandwich with 'surprise'!

So, what's the suprise?

I spread the bread with some peanut butter ...

Add in some 'secret' ingredient'
(Soft gummies)

Cut the gummies into small pieces...

I 'sealed' the side by pressing with a knife.

Use a cookies cutter to 'emboss' on the top.
Now, you have a super surprise peanut butter sandwich fit for a princess!

Have a nice and cool day!

Continue the chores as always...
but with a happy whistle song!

(Yes, just like Cinderalla...)



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