Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bento...Bento...Bento...for school!

I'm a lazy mom...and a lousy cook...
and not very creative in dealing with food!

That's why...I hardly prepare 'bento' (lunch pack) for Jojo
when she starts to go to primary school.

But this year, since Mei Mei is joining Jojo to school...
and after judging the food sale in their school canteen...
I think, I would like to challenge myself to be a 'better' mom this year...
-by prepare some 'mother-love-bento' for the girls to bring to school...
so, they can have some fun when they are eating together during the breaks.

Day # 1...Bento # 1...close to failed!

The first day for school...even though I've try my best to make all the perfect...
there always something 'weird' happens.

Such as...

1.  The rice cooker went down suddenly...
2.  The lunch is late...
3.  Mei Mei and Jojo mixed up their uniform...
4.  Mei Mei misplaced her name tag...
(all first years were given name tag for easier identification)

So... my last minutes bento...
all the packet snacks I can find on hand...

A pack of tomato sticks, panda's biscuit and buns with sausage.
rated by MeiJo : 1 star ( forgot to put mayonnaise in the bun...too dry)

Day#2...Bento #2

A pack of cheese biscuit, jelly cups, bread with peanut butter, slice of cheese,
potatoes crackers and papaya.

Rate by Meijo : 2 stars ( too little, nothing leave after 1st break)

Day# 3 ...Bento #3

In order to get better score...
I used some deco tape to 'lighten' up the lunch box

Some 'snow ball' biscuits, puddings, sausage in 'heart' shape,
1 peanut butter and chocolate sandwich and 1 ham sandwich.
(use a Mickey cookies cutter to make a cut out on the bread)

Rate by Meijo : rate 3 stars (due to the pretty lunch box!)

Day#4 ... Bento #4

Fried tomato rice with some nori, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 
cup of sweet corn and chopped apples (not in the picture).
and I actually 'cook' for this bento!!!

Rate by Meijo : 5 stars with bonus!!!
(comment... extra tomato sauce please next time!)

Yeah!  Finally....

Day #5 - Last bento of the school's first week!

... share with you next week!

Now...how do you pack sauce for bento?
How you ensure the fruits wouldn't be watery when keep in bento?
How you make sure the bento would overturn and the food inside wouldn't mess up?

Still lot to learn, please bear with me...
I believe I will still stuck with this 'bento' topics on my next post...

Bye-bye and smile always.
Keep those temper down.


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  1. Oh! So many blog posts have impossibly done bento boxes that I never tried. Thank you for showing such a realistic box that most of us would put together. I loved the rating system.

  2. I love the creativity - the tiny mickey mouse sandwich cutouts are the best!

  3. I'm really enjoying your series on bento. I always enjoy your creativity and gentle humor, PC.


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