Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bento Challenge ...Week2 : Tuesday

I wake up a little bit earlier this morning,
Today Mei Mei and Jojo have physical lesson...

Which means they will be more hungry than usual.
So, I prepare something more 'fulfeeling' for them.

This is what for today.
content : some nuggets,  prawn rice balls wrap with nori,
jelly sandwich with ham and some cherry tomatoes.

The ham is cut into star shape with the help of the cookies cutter

rice balls wrap in nori...first attempt...a bit ugly...but yummy!
(I lay a spoonful of rice on slice of nori on a plastic sheet..
place the prawn on top and using the plastic sheet ...squezze and turn the rice into ball shape...
This is faster than the normal roll and cut sushi...with no tools!)

What about the rating by Meijo?

"Mom! All my friends with sit around me to watch me open my lunch box...
and they will say "Ahhhhhh!!!!!"

Well, I consider that as a compliment with 4 stars and above!

See you again tomorrow!
I have another new 'idea' in mind now!


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  1. The balls are such a great idea, PC! I love nori sushi but hate rolling it, I can never get it to hold together. I must try the balls, they are so cute! And the ham and jelly sandwich - sounds a little weird but I am curious to try it. I would be like the kids watching the opening of the bento - lots of entertainment value!


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