Friday, May 3, 2013

6 refashion ideas to make your old jeans... more fun to wear!

Hi, again!

Sorry for such a long silence....
Everything is super duper fine here...
I just got 'caught' up with some new 'routines'

As part of my this year new year resolution...
I'm now 'taking out' some of my blogging times...for my 'physical' and 'spiritual' wellness!!!
So far...It has been 2 months ... successfully control my diet, 

Have 'proper' breakfast' before 9am in the morning
(previously, I prepared everything, and just took the 'left over' from the kids!!!, Yup!)

Have a 40 minutes session with Tracy Anderson
I love her exercise especially her - arm routines.

Try to have a short 30 minutes nap in the afternoon

At least a nice and quiet bubble every 2-3 days....
( to wash away all my stress!!!)

Take a short walk with my hubby after dinner...
(and let the kids clean the dishes for me!!!)

go to bed before 11pm every night

 (I know... but I can't help to check my FB and blog before sleep!!)

So, how about you all who are sitting in front of the screen?
Did you do anything for 'YOURSELF' today?
Well, you should and you deserve it, dear!

Ok!  Since, I'm already here...
I want to share with you my recent 'project's

Recently, I'm a bit 'crazy' about jeans....
but, instead of buying a new pair....I decided to do some 'update' with my old ones...

Here are some ideas I have in mind...

#1 ) Dangle Fringe

It's always fun to wear something that dangle...don't you agree?

#2)  Lace and pearls

For the waist line... the side?

Add caption

Hmm... or for a new pocket?

If you have more lace...
You can turn the front into a 'skirt' too!
 Don't worry if you leaf over lace is too short...
it look perfect half way too!

3)  Seam up with some cute floral strips
4)  If you are good with bleach...

 using some bleach pen...I think I can achieve this one and
it definitely make my 'carrot' shape look slimmer!
I would prefer darker color for my waist line and but...

 5)  S equine... Perfect and Glamour

6)  If you happened to have some nice embroidery from old pillow
or garment....they definitely a good choice too!

What do you think?

I'm working with #1 and some lace stuff...
I'll post once I get it done.

See you again.

”Making””Making”More the Merrier MondayBy Stephanie Lynn Keeping It Simple


  1. Hi, PC! So happy to hear you are well and having a nice break from blogging. There are so many beautiful ideas here, cannot choose a favorite! I think the last idea is one of my favorites - using a scrap of embroidered fabric looks amazing.

  2. Chic and trendy. Love lace and glamour!

  3. Some lovely ideas to fancy up jeans PC! Glad to hear you're well and making time for yourself! Since I started making time to exercise each day, I've been so much happier and brighter! I have to do it first thing after dropping the kids at school, otherwise I get caught up in what 'needs' to be done, and find I don't have time for myself!

    Have fun embellishing those jeans! look forward to seeing them finished!

  4. These are awesome ideas. I really wanna do lace pockets and lace trim. The rhinestones are adorable too!

  5. Super cute ideas! Love jeans!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. Cool ideas!I love #3!
    thanks for sharing!
    have a great week!


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