Friday, May 10, 2013

What you do when the weather is hot and your car is like an oven?

I'm not sure about you...
But I ...

I make the best of it...
In fact... I made YOGURT!!!

My very first homemade yogurt!!!
Not 100% 'home'made...( I'll explain below)
but...truly 100% made by me!

I just stumble upon few website that explained we can
actually make our own yogurt at home...
without using yogurt maker with just 2 simple ingredients.
OMG!  Why no one post this in the blog parties?
Where am I?

(I know, you all probably already know and 
might already made dozens of yogurts...years ago!)

So, should I made it...
It's easy, cheap, healthy and DELICIOUS!!!
Definitely MUST DO!

I'm not going to tell you the procedure...
I found some very helpful ones from below...
Check them out...

Well, I followed all their procedure and tips.

I use the stove to heat the milk - Yes
I add some powdered milk - Yes

The ONLY different...
(Which explain why I said not 100%  HOME-made?)

I didn't use an oven or cooler or warmer....

I left them in my CAR for the culturing process!

I actually prepared the mixture at 11.00am and
keep it in my car with a thick jacket covered...

Keep them there from 11.00a.m to 12 midnight...
(Yup, I didn't use the car that day..and it's still warm
when I opened the car's door to take out the yogurt)

Then, I put them in the fridge ...
and I have PERFECT thick and creamy yogurt for breakfast!

I didn't add sugar during cooking.  So, I add some honey,
muesli and dried cranberries.


So, hot weather is not totally bad at all? Right?




  1. What?!! How could you think of making use the natural hot and humid weather to make yogurt!!! You are a genius, PC while me complaining about the hot temperature all day! The yogurt with the honey and muesli looks so good!

    I think I'm gonna looking forward to having real sunny and humid days from now on! Thanks for sharing the recipe links! :D Love this!

  2. In your car!!!??? Genius! "If life hands you lemons, make lemonade."


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