Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Christmas Trip - Malacca

It's school holiday here in Malaysia, from mid November 2013 to 1st Jan 2014.

Actually, I didn't have long travel family trip in mind(cost saving purpose!!!)...
but my brother in law invite us to join them for a trip to Malacca on Christmas eve!
Since, my hubby and the kids never been there before....So, it's an impromptu trip!

For those who not familiar with Malaysia...the map below shows
the distance between Penang, Malacca and Sngapore.

It takes about 5 ~ 6 hours travelling by car.

My brother in law manage to book a guesthouse for RM188 per night.
It's a double storey terrace house close to the town.  There are 5 rooms in the house,
4 rooms with a queen size bed and a double deck and 1 master room with 2 queen size beds.

Which mean the house can comfortably accommodate 20 persons, what a bargain!

check this link where we found the guesthouse .

Here are some of the photos taken on our first day.

We departed early in the morning...
take these shoots at 7 a.m from the car.

We reach Malacca by noon...
Let the drivers sister in-law and I bring the kids to walk around the guest house.

Some scenes at a close-by hotel

"Let's pretend this is our house for a day!" , Jojo

A very nice art gallery

An old groceries shop

A shoot in front of a chinese temple

Love the 'welcome' sign made from dried fruit of a plant

Last stop for the day...taking a breeze at the seaside.

Tired , Stressful...Happy...Satisfied ...=   Family trip.



  1. what a lovely post,, great captures & I hope you enjoyed a lot with your family. have a nice day!

  2. Hi, PC! Wow, looks like lots of fun. And wow, the girls looks so tall! I love the welcome sign, but that fruit is kind of scary. And the display of dolls is a beautiful shot.

    Happy almost new year...

    Love to all, Mich

  3. Awesome pictures of traditional culture. Love seeing all those still keeping. Looks great.

  4. Hi, I'm planning to go up to Malacca this December 28-30. Based on your experience, is it a good time to be there? Or is it so crowded that even buying food will be a frustrating experience, especially with children. Should postpone my trip?

    1.'s school holiday now...every interesting places in M'sia going to be crowded! Just plan well and know your priorities ... food? fun? Memories? A little bit of everything so everyone will enjoy the trip! As for the food...I prefer eating in the shopping complex food court...clean, air-con, the price is clear...there is a water play park in the Makhota Parade ... the kids will love there...very cheap too!


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