Friday, December 27, 2013

What I wish I can give my kids...

I have a wish list...
The list is not about what I want for myself..
but rather are those that I wish to give my kids.

And the item that's top on the list is simply...
a normal and care free childhood memories like the one I had when I was a kid.

I noticed it is not easy...
A lot of places where I love to visit when I was a kid
were either no more there or not in a proper safe and clean condition = _ =!!!

But I still insist... childhood should be 


and cost less!

No I pad...No touch screen games...No TV!!!

Anyway, today the kids and I manage to do something
I did when I was a kid...catching dragon flies and butterflies!!!
Well, it might be common at your place, but here at Penang.. dragonflies and butterflies is 
not as many and as commonly seen.

This is what we manage to catch 
( *all butterflies and dragonflies were release shortly after the catch!!!)

One of the butterfly don't seems to want to 'go home'.

So..., when was the last time you caught a butterfly???


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