Wednesday, January 1, 2014 2014

It's another 30 minutes to 2014...

So, before I say goodbye to 2013...
Let's recall what lovely events in 2013.

January 2013

Mei Mei joined primary school...
She achieved so much this year...
been selected as class monitor...
Being 4th in her class in her final 1st year exam.
Participate in solo singing competition and a runner in sports day.
and the best of all...
she makes so many new friends.

My new 'chores'.
Commit to prepare the kids 'bento' to school

and YUP!  I MADE IT!!!

February, 2013
The kids made a super nice Chinese New Year water painting
with 'blow paint' method...pretty easy and very pretty! Ha! Ha!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

March, 2013
celebrating MIL's birthday with my BIL and SIL.

April, 2013

Mei Mei sitting for her  1st exam in Year One.
Very tension...
Morning self study from 9am to 12pm...everday.

March, Mother's day

The girls used their saving money to buy some birds..
and release to nature...for Mother's day blessing.

June, 2013
Father'day celebration.

The girls were so much into pancake this month!!!
"Mom, we can actually make a cake within oven??!!!"

This is the 'cake' they made for Father's day!

June, 2013
Have a nice walk by the beach.

 July, 2013
Penang was so 'mad' about wall street art...
Every street was converted into art display gallery.

August, 2013

September, 2013
All activities were stopped, postponed,delay...
Jojo and Mei Mei final year exam preparation

October, 2013
Jojo and Mei Mei exam weeks.

November, 2013
School holiday starts!
Jojo managed to get 2nd in her class
and 19th over 350 Year Three students.

She is selected to be in Year 4 A class next year!
( I don't expect she to do so well...good luck, dear!)

December, 2013

First ever family trip ...
My MIL, FIL, two BIL and SIL...
fun, memorable...tired and full of loves.


Till, next year..
see you!

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  1. What a great timeline, PC! Love all the pics. Don't worry about not blogging much in 2013, you had so much else in your life. I hope you keep sharing here, though. Happy, happy 2014 to the family. Congratulations to the girls on their school success.


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