Friday, January 3, 2014

Melaka River Cruise

My trips to Melaka only last 2 days...
but the pictures I tooks is most than hundreds.

The town is too pretty...
Here are some of my favorite shoots during taking a river cruise
on my second day there.

The hotel in day time.

This is me!

This giant ship is actually a museum

The huge anchor caught Mei Mei attention!

The river cruise along the Melaka river

The boat for the cruise

 Most building were artfully painted which make the river cruise
more worthy to ride.

Those hanging there are the orchid plants.

There is a fun park by the river...The Pirate Park if not mistaken...
Unfortunately the park was closed for renovation when we were there.


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  1. Beautiful photos PC! Thanks for sharing. We're planning on travelling in Asia next January and Malaysia is on our planned route, so it's nice to see some pictures and inspiration of places to visit! Happy 2014 - hope this year brings all you wish for! :)


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