Friday, January 10, 2014

Step by step from stone to gem!!! Shocking truth! Deadly fake gem!

My close friend forward this message to me!
So shocking but true.

Never buy gem stones / jade when you are on tour in Chixx
This is how they turn ordinary priceless stones into valuables jades and emeralds
by using some unknown hazardous chemical!
See for yourself!

#1 Plain natural stone

Soak in unknown hazardous chemical for 6 months!

#3  After 6 months,
the stones are taken out from the chemical and washed

"Hand painted"
In order every piece with different 'pattern'

Placed into high pressure machine to stabilized the 'gem' color and painted pattern!

The result 

Ready for sold!
This 'gem' bangles are sold for RMB70,000 ~ 80,000!!!

Some people really 'professional' when comes to making 'faux' items!

Take care



  1. I cant see images!! I refresh the page twice! mmmmmm.. what to do now!

  2. So sorry dear, I have update the post's photos again. Please let me know if you still have any trouble to view it. Thks for drop by!

  3. very informative blog post of this process. thank you.


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