Friday, February 7, 2014

Mini 5 minutes project - Bread Tag reuse

Wow!  2014 is such a busy year...
My new year resolution is to blog more this year...
but hardly have the time to sit down...

But no matter how busy...
My urge to 'play' with 'trash' is never stop.

This is what I did today!

My hubby always get the wrong sauce during his meal time,
even though I have use the 'color' for hot sauce and yellow for tomato...

So, this is my new attempt to make the kitchen more friendly to him!

See you,



  1. Cute idea, simple and subtle! And I just love the photo, PC!

  2. Ha Ha - love your sauce bottle markers! Watch out for sneaky kids switching them! (that's what mine would do... He He)


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