Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trip to Finland ...experienced my first 24 hours of sunlight!

I've been away...

My hubby company send him to a short business trip to Oulu, Finland recently.
Never in my life would I thought of going to this beautiful land.

I was just showing my hubby regarding an igloo hotel in north part of Finland
where you can lay down on your bed and watch the Aurora during the winter.
(saw it in Pinterest)

The hotel rates is not to expensive...but travelling from Penang Island to Finland
may takes about 24 hours ++ and 3 transit in the airport.
 These will 'kill' any holiday mood!

And suddenly... My hubby replied 
"Dear, the company wants me to visit a plant there this Monday!'

So...here we go...

Share with you some pictures that we took during the short stay there...
My opinion about Finland?  Clean, Beautiful, Love the fresh air...
but...everything is soooooo expensive!

Please forgive me for not accepting reindeer for my dinner.
(It's the Santa's helpers...I just can't eat them!!!)

I hope one day
I will return to this wonderful place again
during the winter
The 'aurora' is too good to miss!

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  1. How exciting, PC! I love the pics, especially the line of cute red mailboxes. I can't imagine traveling 24 hours to stay for a short little trip. But it sounds like it was worth it. I think I would not have eaten reindeer, either. I hope you get to go again someday and see the aurora lights. I have always wanted to see them.

  2. Oh LUCKY you PC!! What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing your photos too! I'd like to go there one day myself too.

  3. Beautiful pictures, PC!! Looks like a wonderful place :)


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