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10 tips to save your money and time when travel to Hat Yai, South Thailand (Part 1)

Penang is quite close to Thailand.
And I've to's the CHEAPEST place for an OVERSEA vacation.


FOLLOW below advice.

(These are my personal recommendation...
after numerous times visited Hat Yai)
pls don't hesitate to CORRECT me if you have a better OPTIONs


#1 - Get Some Help for AGODA, Hotelcombine

The first time I went to Hat Yai ...
I googgled for AGODA...
most of the time AGODA wouldn't failed me.

Sometimes I went for Hotelcombine to check the price
offer by AGODA

But if you are not traveling during peak season
(Malaysia's holidays, Thailand' holidays)
You can always check at Hotelcombine for last minutes booking.

Once I got a room in Tune Hotel, Hatyai for only RM50++
(standard room with Queen bed or 2 single bed)
I booked the room during midnight on the day before of my depart.

#2 - Stay in the Happenings Area

The most happening area in Hat Yai is around the Lee Garden Plaza.
Just make sure the accommodation you picked is within the "circle" area
Staying around this area so you can walk to most intersting places
around Hat Yai town.  That will alsa save you a lot of transport fee and waiting time.

#3 - Stay close to 7-eleven convenient shop

7 eleven is a very popular 24 hours convenient shop in Thailand.
It offer almost everything in rather cheap price...most of the time...
the food and snacks are cheaper that the food court, supermarket and stalls
in coffee shop.

#4 - Stay at place where you have free supplier of drinking water

Weather in Hat Yai is hot most of the time, there may be rain...but
rather hot most of the day.  If your hotel supply free drinking water to you
that can save a lot. You may need 2 big bottle per person per day,
So, if you are traveling with family members like me...
plain mineral water may cost up to RM10 per day.

During my travel, I stay in a's not too fancy but
clean, with attached bathroom, fridge, LED TV, air con...close to the happenings area 
and have a 7 eleven at the side...
and of course, free drinking water at the lobby...and hot water too!
It only cost me 700bath per room of 2 double bed (family room)
I tell you more about the motel in my next post


You can get to Hat Yai by air, by train , bus, van or car.
If you are from Malaysia, or going there from Penang,
You can buy van ticket from tour agencies around KOMTAR. it less
than RM100 for a return trip by bus or van.

I prefer drive from Penang to the Malaysia-Thai boader - Danok
I parked my car in a Duty Free Complex for RM15 per day. 
Walk through the immigration
(Get the arrival and departure white card from the immigration office)
After get the passport stampped...Walk straight into the town
until you reached a 7 eleven shop...

There is a 'counter' a lady or man with books of tickets on a small desk.
Tell them you want to go Hadyai and your hotel / motel name.
about RM5.70 per person for a trip.  Never listen to the taxi driver..
They will tell you that there have no van service and you must travel with taxi...
They will charge you RM100+++ for a trip from the boader to Hat Yai!


Hat Yai is not a very big can always walk.  But if
you are too tired to walk, you can always get a motor taxi or a tuk-tuk.

When getting a tuk-tuk...always tell them clearly where you want to go
and bargain the price first before you hired them. In most place
they will charge 20baht per person.

So, if you are traveling in group of 4... the tuk-tuk driver will say
120 baht...and later 100 baht....You need to keep insisting
"NO, 80baht for 4 persons, 80baht for 4 persons..."
Most tuk-tuk driver will accept the bargain.

If you travel a few places and need the tuk-tuk to wait for you
you can hired the tuk-tuk for about 40~60baht for half day tour around the city.

I love Thai food...whether its fast food or traditional TOM YAM.
But some times, the local stalls may charges tourist extra or most expensive
than the locals.

If you have friends or yourself able to speak Siamese if the best, you can get
cheaper price.  But if you are like me, the only thing I know is 
"Cup..Cup..Cup..""So deep Cup"...

I prefer to have my meal in food court where they have clear indication of the meal's price.
The meal price is Hat Yai is about 50~65baht per meal of rice, noodles or etc.
Snacks and fruits is about 20~30baht.

My favorite dinning place is the food court on the 5th floor of Ocean Supermarket
the food is cheap, nice and free cold water too!

coming soon...

MUST EAT in Hat Yai

WHERE to Shop

till then...

bye - bye

I love you!


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