Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Chinese New Year Goat Lantern

Every pre-Chinese New Year,
Jojo's school will ask each student to submit a lantern
made of red packets to hang in the school hall.

As this year is the year of goat / sheep...
we thought we should try something
more fun than making the ordinary Chinese lantern.

Jojo found a very interesting website from Japan which
have tutorial and PDF template to make
a paper model Sheep
here is the link

With some modification
this is what she came out at last.

After finish the paper model sheep
she added some red packets which pre-cut into
round shape and pasted on the sheep'body'
She also added a pair of 'horn' for the sheep.

So, if you get bored of the old fashion Chinese Lantern
maybe this can be a fun diy project for you and the kids at home.

Have a nice day
and thanks for drop by.

PC * Jojo * Mei Mei

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