Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jojo's art class homework - Making Art from Nature

Hi! 2015 is full of suprise...
good and bad

Well, today I would like to share
Jojo's recent art class homework
"Making Art from Nature"

The class is asked to produce an art piece
with natural material.

With only 1 night lead time
we have limited material on hands

and here is what she came out with

We manage to get some dry coconut branch for the 'roof'

The 'wall' and 'door' 'sponsored' from mom's kitchen...
some dried grain and beans

Here you can found the 'bogainville petals' and egg shell mosaic walkways

Just love the little 'cottages' the coconut braches are very 'handy'.

Jojo spends hours arranging the beans with twizer...
I love my girls when they show patient in their works.

The egg shells mosaic is amazing too!

I'm impressed with her work, and the best joy of all
is to appreciate what nature gives us for free!

Love you

PC * Mei Mei * Jojo


  1. This picture is just amazing!! Such detail and hard work from your daughter! I'm going to show this to my girls when they get home from school today!!

  2. Piękne....zachwycające..:)))
    pozdrawiam serdecznie


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