Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to help your children find they talent?

I know this is a very serious question
This are one of the many questions that running through my mind
whenever I unable to sleep at night

Laying on my bed...having my kids in my arms 
Looking at the stars and wondering
how to make my kids as bright as the star when they grow up one day!

And of course...I never have a satisfied answer or solution
As a mom...I teach, I guide, I supervise, I pray for them.

And finally...something happened!

Last year... close to the year end school holiday...
When I was driving Mei Mei back from school...
she told me that she won the first place in the school high jump tornament.
She was so excited and so am I...but I was more curious at that moment...

I never coach her about high jump
We don't have the particular sport facilities at home
I never knew she 'can high jump'

I have no clue at all.  I started to ask about 
"Is it a really tornement?"
"Is it a race within your class"
"Is it just a P.E. lesson activities?"
"Is it a REAL tornament?"

She was so excited and saying that she will received the medal
on stage during the school assembly on the following week.
I was so happy for her but at the same time I still found it hard to believe.
I just hope it's not one of those 'made up' stories or imagination things.
(Yes, I know...I'm a bad mom)

But the week later...she bought home these...

She got a gold medal for high jump event and
a bronze for long jump.

My hubby and me were really overjoyed.  We had a big celebration fir her.
The next day, I visit Mei Mei sport's coach...
She told me that Mei Mei is very good in both events and the events is actually
for the 3rd grade...(Mei Mei was 2nd grade at that moment) but she encourage
Mei Mei to join the event since she showed interest during her PE class trainings.

Here is Mei Mei represented her school in the regional match this year

There are about 45 schools joining in the match...
Honestly I don't expect her beat all the competitors especially
she is the youngest one there ...
(she is the only 3rd grade competing with all the 4th grade)
But she looks very confident...
And this is her result...

Yes, she beat them all and this is the gold medal for the hight jump event she took.

So, now if someone ask me "How to help my children find they talent?" 
I would say...
"They all have great talent since the day they born...
The talent is 'inside' them...they will "show" you they talent when the time is right!"

What you need to do is ..... never underestimate them!


PC * Mei Mei * Jojo


  1. Oh how wonderful! I think it's so great our kids get to try so many things at school that we may never have thought to introduce them to ourselves! Good for Mei Mei - finding one of her talents!!

  2. Great job. My eldest daugther got her gold in high jump too when she was std4. But, she now prefer Taekwondo n Chinese art. Jia you Mei mei.


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