Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Mom with Busy Kids At Home - How to keep kids busy?


I am a busy stay at home mom.  When I am not cooking, I will be washing.  When I am not washing, I will be cleaning.  When I am not cooking, washing, cleaning, that's mean...I will be up to some home decor or craft projects.

Anyway, before I get busy... I MUST PLAN SOMETHING FAST SO THAT MY KIDS GET BUSY, when they get busy, I CAN start busy with my plans. Hehehe! :)

So, normally I will search some thing I have on hand and make it for some activities for the kids.   Something like below:-

1.Make a fishing game:

Cut fish shapes out of cardboard or craft foam and attach a paper clip to each “nose”.
Make fishing rods out of garden canes and string, and tie a small magnet to each end.
See how many fish you can catch!

Save empty plastic soda bottles until you have 10. Line them up and see how many you
can knock down again with a tennis ball!

3.Make pasta necklaces:
Colour some macaroni or other tube-like pasta by putting it into a ziplock bag with a few
drops of food colouring and a few drops of rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit (with adult
supervision please). Pour it out onto a baking sheet and leave to dry. Make several colours
if you can. Thread the pasta onto string to make necklaces.

4.Vege / leaf stamp
Just grab any vegetables / leaves you may have on hand and cut / slice / or just pass it to your kids, they will know how to turn them into stamp.  You may surprise how crafty they are.

Mix together two cups of flour, one cup of salt, one cup of water, one tablespoon of oil and
a few drops of food colouring for an easy to make dough that will keep for about three
weeks if you wrap it in polythene and keep it in the fridge. All you have to do is knead the
mixture well. Divide the mixture up first if you have more than one colour available.

6.Leaf art
Collect leaves and draw around them. This is fun for little ones and an educational tree
identification game for older children. Colour in the details with crayons or paints. The
leaves could then be stuck on to paper collage style or dipped into paint and then pressed
firmly on to paper for a lovely leaf print.

7."Rock" them

Give each child a rock that has been washed with soap and dried. Have the children
decorate the rocks with craft paint to create their own unique paperweights.

Kids busy + Mom busy = Everyone happy!!!

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