Thursday, June 21, 2012

Air Pollutant Index (API) hits 105 in Penang!!!

Not enough with the hot weather
Now we are having "BAD" air.

Yesterday morning, it's reported the air pollutant idex (API) hits 105!!!
What the readings means???

 0-50 (good), 51-100 (moderate), 
101-200 (unhealthy), 
201-300 (very unhealthy
and 300 and above (hazardous).

Jojo who always fond of PE class was so disappointed
yesterday.  The school have stopped all the outdoors events
until the weather gets better.  Instead, the kids were been advised to wear face mask.

According to my hubby, a number of people have
taken sick leave yesterday at his work place and even one of them has been
put in quarantine due to suspected H1N1 case!!!

The declining air quality here was caused by the haze coming in
from across the border from Sumatra, Indonesia.




  1. Wow, that sounds bad, PC. I guess it's time to stay inside and breathe very carefully. I hope you get a break - how long does your hot weather normally last? I am sending cool thoughts to your cool girls.

  2. That's terrible PC! Hope it all clears soon!

  3. PC, sending prayers to you and your family. Hope the poor air quality levels out soon and things will be better for all of you in your area.


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