Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bento challenge week #2 : Wednesday

Now, I think I'm getting mad about bento preparation...
Every night before sleep...I'll check the fridge to see
what I can prepare for bento the next day.

So, today ... I'm cooking some cauliflower with sausages!

boil some cauliflower for a minute

skewer with some cut sausage
not too long or big...just a big size

coat with some cheese batter ...
(cheese powder + flour + pepper + salt)
and fried.

 So, this is what the kids having for today.
(apple slices, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and sausage fried and steam custard bun)
and a small container with some mayos and tomatoes.

As you can see...I add some 'colour' into the bento recently...
the fruit pick..the greeny bowl... 
I' ll shall with you about the supplies I use for the bento in next post.

Hurray!  I 'passed' another 'bento day'.
Did you make any bento recently?
Come and drop you link at my comment bar...
I would really appreciate for more ideas!

See you again.


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